Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sick Auntie and Christmas

Auntie Seabreeze flew in on Christmas Day and has been nonstop about my lack of blogging or even sending pictures out.  In attempt to free myself of the guilt of an older sister and an adoring Auntie, I will attempt my first blog.  I am not talented in the writing department and I am not making any promises as to the frequency of the blog, but here I go.

After a month of "educating" Amelia on Christmas, she performed perfectly for the holiday season.  She knew what Santa said, how he landed on the roof and came down the chimney, and that he was going to bring her a dollhouse.  Her surprised, happy, excited, " I love it" face was flawless( I am not sure where she picked that one up).  Olivia loved the wrapping paper and boxes as expected.
New Family Tradition... making Christmas cookies for Santa.

Seabreeze flew in on Christmas and then about two days later got really, really sick with strep throat. Poor thing has been in bed her entire trip.  Once we finally got her on antibiotics, 24 hrs later to the second she started kissing Olivia's cheeks. Amelia loves having her Auntie here and has even dressed her up as a princess.  We are so so sad that she has to leave and are planning on her return in May.

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